“The word of God is fiery. It is inflamed with the fire of the Holy Spirit. It consumes vices and promotes virtue. It bestows wisdom on well disposed people and provides for them heavenly food.”

For a divine purpose, doors miraculously open at every turn. There is no easier way to make the message of the Gospel available around the world. This, we believe is the time for widespread application of the message, and the results are waiting to happen, like all miracles.

Divine TV has been conceptualised on one principle thought: universal well-being. Though one might think that it is easy to come up with an idea, it takes dogged persistence and, at times, digging in the reserves of unthinkable faith to make it a reality. Obstacles are only the means to cement your purpose in concrete. Some nod and some shake their heads at challenges as big as procedural restraints and sluggish sanctioning processes.

A committed board consisting of dedicated workers of divinity put the wind beneath the wings of the vision called Divine TV.

Divine TV is all set to deliver nothing short of a mass revival of our family values in the best tradition of Christian love. Each and every one of you is a designated member.